"I think the theatre is as essential to civilization as safe, pure water".

Vanessa Redgrave, attributed, The Redgraves, a Family Epic

“Art is one of the last places where you can find freedom. Artists are often ahead of us. It is healthy for us to question our convictions and to be humble,”

Lionel Aeschlimann, CEO at Mirabaud Asset Management, Switzerland

Drama Dock Board Members

Gaye Detzer, President (206-567-5193)

Eva Tobie, Vice President (530-263-0954)

Ward Carson, Treasurer (206-463-9748)

Pamela McMahan, Communications Director (206-817-8731)

Sue Wiley, Board Director (206-463-2892)

Marjon McDermott, Board Director (206-817-7437)

Samantha Sherman, Board Director

Drama Dock depends on individual donations to continue to present engaging live theatre with community participation.


Thank you so much. Your participation is warmly received and greatly appreciated.